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UNL Content Feeds

Academic/Educational UNL Feeds

  • In The News
    References to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the news.
  • News Releases
    Official Press/News releases from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Issued through the Office of University Communications.
  • Nebraska Engineering
    News from the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Campus Spotlight
    Featured speakers and events on campus
  • NxbizSuccess
    NxBixSuccess is an online educational and resource tool for Nebraska's small business owners. Whether you are seeking answers for starting a business or wanting to fine-tune your on-going business, NxBizSuccess has information for you. NxBizSuccess has opportunity for you to learn from other business owners through blogs, discussion threads, member bios and video podcasts. Video topics include hearing from a new business owner who recently moved from corporate to self employment, learning how an existing business successfully transitioned through ownership, or gaining ideas from the many other topics in management and marketing topics. Do you want to quickly learn how to implement QuickBooks? You can find tutorials on this topic as well. Check them out and check out the website at

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